Kleur paper packaging joint stock company was founded 7/9/2018 with vision and mission ” convenient, good health and environmental protection”. We are professonal in supply of paper disposable tableware like paper cup, bowl, plate, straw,… with accessories.

Why we startup with paper disposable ware?

One time in my family trip to Hue city, all the restaurants around the place that we stayed, they all using paper straws instead of plastic straws, once of popular in Vietnam. From time to time  restaurant’s staff  replacing for us a new straw. So good. Speaking to the restaurant owner, he come from England, and in his country, the government unallow to using disposable plasticware few years ago. So that, when he came to Vietnam, he want to do that in this beautyfull land. Great things start with such small details.

Very impressed about that, but then we also distracted. Until one day, our kids took advantage of paper cups, used paper plates, cleaned them, and started cutting them, drawing them. Suddenly, the paper cups and plates became to the lamp, to the funny animals. They become to amazing twinkle !

In the same time we want to have a new start-up, the idea of ​​ paper disposable ware are brightened. We decided to spend all of our resources and to making the Kleur brand, making paper ware for both of convenient and safe, and especially easy to recycle and easily to decompose in natural environment. .

Now a day, paper disposable ware is a perfect choice because they are made from pure paper and coated with PE – these are good for environment. Therefore, using paper cups is purely a smart choice and a human consciousness for the living environment, and is the trend of the future.

Kleur so luckily to have some first customers, and they are commit to long time using cause of the price and quality of our products. Initially, we already have headquarter in Hanoi and office branch in Ho Chi Minh City, and  now developing for nationwide agency and exporting.

Advantages of Using Kleur Paper disposable ware:

– Kleur paper safe for health

– Kleur paper is convenient, saving you time

– Kleur paper is good price

– Kleur paper is a good marketing chanel, private label possible

Company’s motto: We seek the satisfaction of our customers. So that:

– We have selected the best material for the products

– We have imported the most modern machinery to manufacture.

– We will consult and provide customers with the best and the best products

– We ensure delivery on time to ensure the progress of your work.

Company information:

Website: www.kleur.vn
Add: No 31, BT 4-2, New urban Vinaconex 3, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi.
Tel/fax: (84)-243-2000568
Email: kleurpackaging@gmail.com

Address: 180/36 Ly Thanh Tong, Hiep Tan, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel/ fax: 0286 2547 468/ 098.5555.095
Email: Kleur.hcm@gmail.com

Address: Dong De, Phu Lo, Soc Son, Ha Noi
Tel/ fax: 02432 016 188

Kleur would like to thank you and hope to have a long time cooperation!