Kleur Paper Packaging Joint Stock Company

Kleur paper Packaging Joint Stock Company was founded on 7th September of 2018 with target are making something change when the whole world says no to plastic polution, and paper disposable tableware is that our choosen. Kleur have 2 kind of paper cups are printed cup or private design with capacity range from 200-1000 ml availalbe, use for many kind of drinks such as mineral water, coffee, juicy fresh, milk tea, soup, noodles,... and paper straws are available in all sizes to meet the requirements of our customers. All of our products have certified  and guaranteed in accordance of the Ministry of Health's regulations. Kleur has installed and executed fully automatic lines making paper cup, bowl and straw with the capacity of 300 million products per year, our machines system including: 5-color flexo printing machine, paper die cutting machine, paper cup forming machines, paper splitting machines, paper straw tube making machines, packing machines, strapping machine and other auxiliary machines ..[Detail]




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