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How to See The Appearance Quality of Disposable Paper Cups?

Paper cup have the characteristics of low quality, beautiful appearance, convenience, etc., which have conquered many businesses and consumers. Nowadays, there are many types of paper cups, such as cold drink cups, hot drink cups, advertising cups, etc. The classification of uses alone is dazzling. At this time, do you know how to judge the appearance quality of paper cups?

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Let me introduce how to choose high-quality paper cup products. Generally, when buying, it mainly depends on the method of observing the appearance characteristics to identify paper cups, and good paper cups will undergo the following test quality inspections:

1.Functional test: test whether the paper cup can hold liquid, such as water.

2. Performance test: test whether the paper cup is thick enough and not easily deformed.

3.Pressure test: whether the paper cup full of liquid will break.

4.Recoverability test: After filling the liquid and pour the liquid out, whether the paper cup can be restored to the original.

5.Strength test: Will the paper cup soften and damage after a period of liquid.

6. Appearance test: Whether the paper cup is beautiful in appearance and whether the picture is beautiful.

7.Ease of use test: Whether the paper cup feels good when used, whether it tastes good, and whether it will pierce the mouth.

8.Safety test: After filling the cup with water, whether the cup will deform and transfer the liquid wine to the user.

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